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About Us

We are a christian based dance company eager to provide an affordable quality dance education, and to help foster a love for ministry through dance. 

Our Mission

To instill in each individual a sense of self-fulfillment, and self-worth through individual and group effort.

Company Overveiw

By setting reasonable tuition fees, we strive to make the dance experience affordable for families who wish to expose their children to the wonderful world of opportunities that dance provides without breaking the bank!


Fostering a love for ministry through dance in all of our students is a high priority within our program. 



Liturgical dance is dance that is incorporated into praise and worship. It is an expression of prayer, praise and worship through movement using various styles of dance, such as: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, African, Hip Hop etc.


Founding Artistic 



Kelli McGill


At a very young age Kelli developed a love for dance. At the age of 7 she was enrolled in her first dance class. By age 9 she was fully aware of her dream and goal to be the owner of her very own dance studio. Kelli has had the opportunity to be a part of several dance companies/studios in the Prince George's County area in Maryland such as: Suto Dance Studio, Spirit Wings Dance Studio and Company, and KMS/LHS dance companies to name a few.


Kelli joined Majesty Dance Ministry at her church, Integrity Church Int. by age 10 where she learned how to combine her technical dance skills with liturgical dance. She has been a member of the ministry for over 15 years.


"To be able to share the love of God with others through dance is amazing to me! I view my talent as a gift from the Lord, it is such a blessing to minister to people while giving praise and worship unto the Lord!" --Ms.Kelli 



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