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Dance Instructors/Choreographers

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Mrs. Kelli McGill

To be able to share the love of God with others through dance is amazing to me! I view my talent as a gift from the Lord, it is such a blessing to minister to people while giving praise and worship unto the Lord. It's my mission to make sure all of my students recieve the proper technique training all while feeling like they are a part of a family! I am thankful for the opportunity to pass on my passion for the art of DANCE!! 

Ms. Kayla Hocker

When people ask me what I do, I proudly omit my 9-5 and skip to the good part! “I teach the most expressive and energetic group of girls ever!” Affectionately, I refer to them as my “chocolate blessings” and loving what I do, even if only on the weekends, is the reason I spend Saturdays chasing after little people.  Teaching has really challenged me in many ways because it allows me to practice patience and gives me the opportunity to learn from young people who are growing into their ideals as I once was. As a young dancer, I had an expansive imagination which contributed to my growth as a performance artist and that gave me the outlet I needed to feel free on stage. I was always excited to show who I was and it even surprised my mom how outgoing I had become.  The arts found me in the perfect place; young, curious, wandering, and faithful. I see this in my students and it brings me such warmth to see my girls grow year after year; such hope in the idea that what I do still counts, even if I am not doing it the way I once was.  I teach because it is my duty to pass on what molded me into who I am, not because I was assigned by anyone but because that’s the only way to successfully contribute to a community you are raised in.  Dance is my community and giving back to dance, just as it has given so generously to me, is what I have been called to do.


Miss Trinity Johnson

I love to dance because it's another way to express myself. If I'm not creating art, I'm dancing. I find it a great way to exercise as well as a fun pass time. I've been dancing with PIM since I was little, and I'm happy to see my improvement over the years. It inspires me to keep wanting to learn the many art forms that dance has to offer, as well as technique and choreography. I enjoy being able to share what I have learned with others!

Mr. John Martin

I am a street dancer and my dance style is flexing. Flexing consists of tutting, body waving, gliding and pulsing. It is originated in Jamaica and made it's way to New York. I learned this style from traveling to New York and battling other dancers. I am open to share this style with kids and I hope they have fun learning it!!

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